Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Already 4 Months!

Abby has already been here with us for 4 months! She is just an amazing little person that we just love so much. She is such a wonderful and fun baby, she is the joy in our lives! Her personality shines more and more each day!

Abby had her 4 month appointment today and again, her doctor was absolutely impressed with her! She weighed 14 lbs 4oz and she is 25 in tall, (funny fact: she is measuring TALL)! She is sitting and standing great with some support and rolling over tummy to back. She loves to bat and grab at all different things from her toys, bottle, and us. She is also teething so she loves to put things in her mouth, and she is very creative how she does it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Showin Off My Skills!

Abby has been rolling over for a little over 3 weeks now. She kind of took a little break between those weeks, but now she has perfected her new skill!

(I sound like a DORK!)

This is from today. Abby is 17 weeks. I can't believe my sweetie is going to be 4 months in just 4 days!

Silly silly Abby!

Abby loves sitting outside, sitting in her Bebe Pod and chewing on her Bebe Pod! She's too much fun!

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Toys!

Daddy playing Madden...
Abby showing Daddy how you WIN playing Madden!

This weekend we bought Abby a Jumperoo and she loves it! We love watching her grab at the toys. Its so fun to listen to her silly giggles, (it's silly because its not so much a sweet innocent giggle, its more of a manly laugh! So fun!)
Sunday was the Chiefs first game so Abby was all for the Chiefs, just like her Daddy!

JUST FOR NANA! I told you she would LOVE this thing!! Thank you :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Abby News: Roll Over! Roll Over!

Abby rolled over (tummy to back)! Oh my, it was soo amazing to get to see her do it for her first time! Here's the story: Abby was taking a nap on Grandma Sonyas bed this past weekend and I heard her starting to wake up, so I peeked in the room and I noticed that she was putting her little tush way up in the air. So I went and got Brent to come and watch her with me. We watched her for about 5 minutes at she kept getting closer and closer to pushing her body over to her back. So I ran and got my camera and started to record her! And low and behold about 2 minutes later, she rolled over! I am super glad I got to witness this huge milestone but to get it on camera is awesome! I think it's a little long to post but I will try.
Abby just amazes me more and more everyday! I love her to pieces! Every time she shows off her little smile it just melts my heart! I feel so blessed to have something as precious as her and extremely blessed to be her mom and to have such a loving and caring boyfriend as Brent. He is such a great dad and is so great with Abby! Abby is truly a Daddy's Girl, not to mention Abby already has Brent wrapped around her finger!

Here are a couple of Abby's 3 month pictures even though Nana M has already posted one of them.

3 month Stats: 12 lbs even 22 3/4 in.

We moved!

I know this is kind of late but WE MOVED! Brent, Abby and I got an apartment in Maryville, where I go to school, Brent works and Abby's doctor is at. It's about 45 minutes from mom and a bigger town then Albany! We love it here. We love the fact of finally being on our own, in our own space, living as our own little family! Though we are both very thankful for mom and Sonya for supporting us and putting a roof over our heads, I do miss being in Albany and not being able to see mom everyday but we do make a trip back every weekend! ;) Grandmas and Nanas need their Abbers fix!

Sorry for the picture overload!