Thursday, June 26, 2008

Internet and Updates!

Yay so we finally have the Internet hooked up! So I guess now I should update! Abby turned a month old 3 days ago and will be five weeks tomorrow. Wow, time has flown. She is still such a wonderful baby! She is sleeping and eating and pooping great. But two Wednesdays ago, the 18th, we got a call from the doctor and they had gotten her blood test results in (from when we were still in the hospital) and they had concerns about the PKU results so last Friday we took her back to get more blood drawn. We haven't heard back from them yet, but hopefully soon!
I can't believe how much she has changed in 5 weeks! Abby's hair is growing so long, but slowly balding at the same time. She is awake a lot more and much more alert! At her one week appointment she weighed 7lbs 11oz, a 5oz gain and she hasn't been weighed since, but oh my is she growing!
Father's Day was so much fun. Brent is such a great dad and deserved all the attention he got! Saturday we went over to Kris and Staci's, Brent's cousins for a Daddy's Day cook out. And Sunday, Mom got to host her first dinner party and had Grandma and Grandpa Abreu over and Hal and Sonya. It was such a nice night. Mom and I also did a photo shoot for Abby's announcements (coming soon!) and for her 1st Father's Day! It was a lot of fun and she was awake the whole time!!

Abby at 1 week 1 day!

2 weeks 3 days, first bath! She wasn't to fond of
the bath and still isn't!

Almost 3 weeks!!

Great-Grandma A. at the Father's Day Dinner!
3 weeks 2 days!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

4 weeks! Abby chillin' in her swing!

Today in the bath! She's starting to like it a
little bit more! 5 weeks!

"Mommy quit taking pictures!"

Our big-eyed pretty girl!

Daddy being silly for the camera!

Sound asleep in her new blanket! (Thanks Brittany!)

I'm not sure when Melissa took this, but I'm totally
in love with this pic!