Wednesday, May 6, 2009

11 months!

I can't believe my little Abby is 11 months old! And only 17 days from TODAY she will be a year old! She is growing too fast! I miss my itty bitty newborn, but I am totally in love with my wild and crazy baby who is turning into a toddler!
She is doing so many fun and silly things that I probably will forget some if I try to name them all so I will tell you my favorites!
Abby is a crazy good walker! I am so shocked how quickly she caught on to walking...she is a pro!
She won't move in the grass! It's so funny, she will stand still in one spot, sit or squat. The pictures above were taken on 4/23/09.
She is a champ at eating! She loves her fruit!
She is drinking great out of her sippy cup!
This girl is healthy as a horse! Other than teething side affects and a stuffy nose I thank Him for blessing us with an extremely healthy child!
She loves to give "snuggles" to everyone. It doesn't matter where you are, you could be sitting on the couch or laying on the floor or sitting at the kitchen table, Abby loves to come up and lay her head on you and give "snuggles"! She is the sweetest thing!
She is a people person! She loves waving at everyone and showing off her SIX teeth in the cutest grin. That is everyone BUT her Uncle Eric. We don't know why yet but she is TERRIFIED of him!
She loves to be outside. She follows me out to the deck everyday to water the flowers and play with the water in the watering pail.

And my FAVORITE thing of all...Thank you Nicole and Weston for introducing me to different way of communication between mother and child; sign language. When they came to visit in Nov. of 2007 and I saw how Weston could communicate with Nicole before he could speak I was AMAZED! Ever since then I knew I wanted to teach my child to sign with me before she could communicate with me verbally. And.......SHE HAS! Abby has shown us her first AND second sign! "More" and "eat/food". And we are soo close with "all done" and "dog". I am trying so hard to get a video of this but every time I get my camera out she is more amused by it than signing for me.
Her favorite movie is....Signing Time: My First Signs. When she hears Rachel singing and signing the theme song she comes running to dance along.
Being able to watch Abby sign is so amazing and such a wonderful feeling!