Friday, April 2, 2010

Tas the night before Christmas...

12/24/09 & Christmas Morning!!!

when all through the house, was filled with the yummy smell of fresh baked cookies and the giggles of little Abby!

At the age of 1 and 1/2, Abby has her first obsession, Barney! So we new exactly what she would go nuts over..her very own Barney! But only if we knew....that our little Barney physic would be able to sense out her doll from under the tree the day before! Sadly we all missed her reaction the minute she saw Barney! But I re-wrapped it and surprised her and Brent with Barney and a Wii in the same box!!

Christmas Eve Traditions


For as long as I can remember, spending Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Abreu is a given! I am so grateful Abby gets to experience this joyous and memorable tradition with us! Nothing is sweeter then listening to Grandpa read the passage of Christ's birth and truly get to feel the meaning of Christmas! And there was NO fighting over who got to lay baby Jesus in his manger, Abby did a beautiful job with the "bebe".
Merry Christmas everyone!

Early Christmas!!


We knew we wouldn't be home on Christmas morning, so Abby got to open her big gift early! Abby is such a little artist and has enjoyed coloring since she could hold a crayon! This was such a perfect gift and we certainly got the full $10 we paid for it! Many, many hours of fun, laughter and coloring!
Oh you can also notice Abby's new-doo in the pictures! We went in for a trim but the lady ended up chopping much more off! Good thing Abby looked adorable and no complaints!