Thursday, April 30, 2009

Congrats Krissy & Ryan!

Warning: Major Picture overload!
CONGRATS Krissy and Ryan! They tied the knot on April 18th 2009!Ryan proposed last May the day after Krissy graduated from NWMSU. (I think, correct me if I am wrong!)
April 17th
The weekend festivities started of Friday. We left for KC around noon to attend the wedding rehearsal at 3. We had a little time between the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner so we headed back to Ryan and Krissy's new house before the dinner.
April 17th
We ate a a cute little Italian restaurant called Cafe Italia. The food was delicious and Abby enjoyed a little bit off everyone's plate but her favorite was Grandma's salmon. During desert 2 of Krissy's bridesmaids put together a slide show of Krissy and Ryan. It was so sweet to get to see such adorable pictures of the couple as babies and children.
April 18th
Getting all prettied up for her 'Uncle' Ry's and 'Aunt' Krissy's BIG day! (Bottom left picture: Abby thinks air drying is the best dry!)
Our family! I love those two!
The Owens side: Grandma Sonya and Grandpa Hal. And Brent with his dad.
The Hansel side: Susan and Dave, parents to the groom, Ryan's older brother and bestman Kris with his wife Staci. Brent and Kris. And crabby Abby with her Aunt Susan.
Awwwe, the LIMO. It was HUGE!
Brent and Ryan (the groom).
My sweetie! I love you so much!
The ceremony was soo beautiful and Krissy looked absolutely stunning!!! I only got a couple pics from the ceremony because I got in trouble with the photographer, oops!
The reception was also gorgeous! Pictures left to right starting at the top: Abby with her cousin Faith. Partied out on Dave's lap. The groom checking up on his favorite 'niece'. Dancing with my HS tumbling coach. Abby with her supper on her face! Daddy and Abs. Abby loved dancing with all the guys that night!
The newly weds first dance and cutting of the cake! My favorite picture is the bottom right. Ry must be whispering secret loves to his new wife! Congrats again guys!
The reception was a blast! The food, dancing and family was a great way to end Krissy and Ryan's fairy tale wedding! It was absolutely beautiful! Hope you 2 had a fabulous honeymoon!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I know it's late, but better late than never. Anyway, Easter was so great. I love getting to spend time with family and remembering what Easter is all about.
Saturday April 11th: (Here's Brent)-Well hello everyone this is Brent. On the day before Easter Abby and I went to the Annual Albany Easter Egg Hunt. It was held at the Golden Living Manor. Tory and Meg took the day off to go shopping. So it was very exciting for me to take Abby to her very first Easter egg hunt. She loved picking up the eggs all by herself and she loved all the little kids. Oh man that place was packed. It was very special Abby and daddy time that I will always remember.
Sunday April 12th: We started the morning off with the Easter bunny doorbell ditching Abby's 1st Easter basket at Grandma Sonya's, then headed off to church with Brent's family. They attend the Baptist Church. Brent's Uncle Dave is in the church's choir and put on a stunning Easter Cantata performance. The music was great and the message was absolutely beautiful! And Dave is a fabulous singer! After church we went over to mom's to eat Easter lunch and a mini egg hunt in her backyard! It was a quick hunt because the wind was a little chilly. Abby was the only person who got a basket from the Easter bunny, he has good taste-he picked out the dress she is wearing in the pictures! ;)
After we stuffed ourselves at Nana's we went over to Grandma Hazel's to eat again and play!
Abby just loves her cousin Garret. She wanted his Nintendo DS so bad she was snuggling, hugging and kissing her way to it all afternoon! In the picture she's trying to give him a kiss! After that we went to Aunt Susan's and Uncle Dave's for supper. I really need to remember to take pictures there! I always forget! The food was yummy though and Abby just adores her 'Uncles' Kris and Ryan and her 'Aunt' Staci!!!! Thanks for being such sweet people in her life! :) You all are going to be great parents! Kris and Staci are going to be parents here SOON! Go check out their journey of adoption from Ethiopia!

And She's OFF.......

Abby is WALKING! She took her first steps to me the night of April 9th! It was so exciting! A few days before this happened I had just picked up a couple pairs of shoes at Old Navy to match a couple of her outfits. I had no intention of buying them so she could WALK with them, just keep on cruising like a cool cat! But on the night of the 9th I guess she just had to have that one tennis shoe I was holding because she let go of the sofa and took about 3 steps to get it from me! And ever since then she hasn't kept still!
Below are a couple pictures and videos.
The one of Abby and Brent is from the night she took her first steps (4/9). Top right, showing off her other new kicks (4/10). Bottom right, just looking cute in a squat (4/13).

Sorry it's sideways. 4 days later working hard on walking! (4/13)

Getting pretty good at it! (4/20)

Baths, Books and Bedtime!

I love getting to spend all day and everyday with Abby! It's always a different adventure everyday. But my favorite part of each day is night time. And not just because it's bedtime! There is just something about that last hour and a half each night that is so special to me. Our bedtime routine starts around 6:30/6:40 every night. We start off with quiet play in the living room. We build with blocks or play pass the balls back and fourth, back and fourth, back and fourth....or put the cookies in the cookie jar, just something quiet and not to rowdy. At 7 we run bath water, Abby gets nakie and EXCITED while the tub fills. Every night she is the biggest goober in the tub. She loves to splash, giggle and jabber with her rubber duckies and throw around her stacking cups! I also get a bath even when I'm not in the tub! After her wash down she gets to play some more until the water is done draining. Next is the "fun" part, the lotion and pajamas! I try to slop the lotion on as quickly as I can before the naked runaway escapes and slip her jammies on faster than she can slip out of them! Once the jammies are on we lay together as she drinks her bottle. She loves to touch my face or pet my fingers when I hold her bottle. She is the sweetest thing ever! Next is book time. It is my favortie time. It is so special to me as she sits there looking and listening to pictures and words. She loves to help me turn the pages (even before I am done reading the page)! But the best part is reading her favorite book, The Big Book of Beautiful Babies. She loves to give kisses to every baby in the book and gets super excited at the very end when she gets to give herself kisses! Once the books are done we sing a little song then she is off to dream for the night! She is a great sleeper and always refreshed and energized for the next adventurous day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Grandma Hazel's

March 28
I love spending time over at Brent's grandma Hazel's house when all of his aunts, uncles and cousins come down! All the caos and all the kids running around with wrestling and rough housing around reminds of my family when I was little. I miss that so much but it's also so great to watch Abby be picked up, hugged and kissed by everyone!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Abby is..

10 months old!
It's so hard to believe my little, teeny-tiny Abby is just 2 months away from turning one! These past 10 months have been the best 10 months of my life. I love getting to spend everyday with her and watching her grow more and more. But I feel soo lucky to get to spend many more hundreds months watching and playing and learning with my sweet sweet Abby!
Abby's Can-Dos this month:
She is a fabulous cruiser. Anything that this girl can get her hands on she cruises along.
She is a SPEED crawler.
She can go all day long yelling dadadada and now nanannana.
And if she isn't saying dada or nana she is just yelling and babbling at the top of her lungs. (She is a riot at restaurants!)
She stands unassisted anywhere from 15-20 seconds but she now realizes what we are doing when we let go of her hands and plops right to her bottom.
She loves my keyboard. She tries to pound on it every chance she gets.
She loves food! She is a great eater!
Her new favorite toy is an old X-Box controller that Brent gave her so she can play like daddy.
She loves to show new people how she can blow raspberries and make silly faces.
She likes to touch and pull at Grandma's and Nana's cats and dogs. She just thinks it is so funny!
Bath time is so fun. She loves to splash and squeal in the water and never wants to get out! The wetter the better.
She is sleeping great. Bed time is 8 o'clock and wakes up around 7:30. Naps are a little sketchy but are gradually getting better.
We love you Abby!!!
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