Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Car Seat, Yay!

Abby's new car seat came today! It is sooo beautiful and safe which is WONDERFUL!
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Band-Aids Make Her Smile.

Abby got a boo-boo today and she was such a tough little girl! She didn't even cry but she sure did love the band-aid, so much she asked me to make a blog post so she could show it off!
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Abby is 8 Months!

She loves to give kisses..MUAH! That is just one of the many things this crazy and wild girl can do. Abby can officially crawl, and boy she is quick! She is pulling herself up to anything she can get her hands on and walking along the sofa. She is great at going from a sitting position to a crawling and vise-verse. She will sometimes give hugs but more interested in kisses. She is eating 3 solid meals a day and two snacks. She isn't picky and loves all the different foods she eats. She still loves fresh fruits and her favorite by far is strawberries! She also enjoys Gerber Puff things and Baby Mum-Mums. She loves to clap everytime I squeal "Yayyyy Abbyyyy!" I tried to get it on video but she would rather crawl to snatch the camera from me. Her favorite song we sing with her is Pat-a-Cake. I just love this little girl to pieces and can't get enough of her!
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Loved by her Daddy!
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My Sweetie.
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Bath Time #2

This was just too funny not to post. Hopefully the pictures tell the story!
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Bath Time #1

Bath time is now our favorite time of the night. It is so much fun to watch Abby splash and play, and she enjoys it so much more now that she is out of her baby tub and into the Big Girl Tub!
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New Year's Eve

No picture but on New Year's Eve Abby crawled for the FIRST time! It was so awesome to witnesses it with all of my closest friends. We were all just sitting around a table and Abby was on top just gazing and listening to our conversations when all of the sudden she made her way over to my best friend Melissa! Everyone was so excited and all the commotion we made scared Abby and wanted to be picked up. But it was great, a story we will never forget!

Christmas Celebrations!

After we were fed and finished at Brent's parents we packed up Abby and drove a whole 3 minutes to have Christmas afternoon-ish at Nana Meg's! It's great having both set of grandparents and great-grandparents living in the same town! Christmas at mom's was also a lot of fun, lots of people and smiles.
But the Christmas-ing doesn't stop there! Later that afternoon we celebrated with Brent's Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave at their place with all of Brent's cousins. It was great getting to see everyone and getting to watch old family videos of everyone's past Christmas! (Brent was a little booger with a mullet!) For supper mom wanted everyone back over for Christmas Dinner. It was yummy as always! Overall Christmas was wonderful and I was so thankful to get to spend it with awesome family, I hope SOON we get out WEST to spend it with MORE family!
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Long Underwear on Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning at Grandma Sonya's and Grandpa Hal's.
Since we got to spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family we decided to wake up Christmas morning at Brent's parents house! It was a great first morning Christmas!
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Christmas Eve Traditions Will Forever Last.

Picture: Someone came up with a brilliant idea to put Abby in the Nativity Scene, she didn't like it to well.
As a family tradition we always get to spend Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Abreu. We eat a wonderful supper then Grandpa reads the birth of Christ passage from the bible as someone lays the baby Jesus in his manger. Angel was the lucky on this year to get to do the honors!
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Early Christmas

Brent and I were so happy to get to have our very first Christmas as a family! We were so excited we just couldn't wait until Christmas morning to let Abby open her first gift. She was so excited (about the sound of paper crumpling that is)!
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I'm Late, Late, Late!

I'm sorry, it's been forever since I've updated! I know, I'm a BAD blogger. Oh the things I haven't blogged yet but they will come..I Promise!!
One thing I missed- Abby at 7 months!
She isn't crawling yet but she sure can get around QUICK! She is scooting every where and will get on all fours and lunge herself forward.
She loves meal time. She eats anything and everything you put on a spoon. She loves fresh fruits. We got her one of those mesh feeder things and she will suck the living juice out of every fruit we put in it. So far her favorites are: apples, bananas, cantelope, the green melon stuff and pears.
Abby also has two teeth now, if you look closely you can see them in the picture!
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