Monday, June 28, 2010

April 2010 Crafts!

Rainbow for a rainy day!

A is for Alligator!

B is for Bumble Bee!

C is for Caterpillar!

D is for Duck!
(My camera was dead so not many pictures this day.)

E is for Elephant!

F is for Finger Painting and....


April 2010


Annual Albany Easter Egg hunt! Abby was a hoot to watch!

Coloring eggs with Krissy and Ryan! Abby was so silly, oooohing and aaaaahing every time an egg was pulled out of the die!


Happy Easter! We had a fun filled day attending church and watching Uncle Dave and Grandma Sonya preform in the Easter Cantata then spending the afternoon with Brent's side of the family then heading over to Grandma and Grandpa Abreu with Mel and Grandpa Kev! Thanks for the Easter goodies!

March 2010


We enjoyed a fun-filled WINTER day at Monkey Cove with the Grove's and Mel!

Soaking up the warm weather splashing in water with Nana!

I had a cake order with Easter cookies, so Abby got to decorate her own special one all by herself with no limits!

Easter portraits with new cousin Marley!
(I need to find the pictures of Marley's homecoming! Such a special day, lots of happy tears!!!)

February 2010


Mmmm, cupcakes! Abby enjoyed being mommy's little baker!

2/3/10 & 2/11/10

Abby loves to help make her morning smoothie! Easy and healthy- plain yogurt, frozen fruit, banana-orange juice, blend and enjoy!

Team Marley!

Favorite thing to do: COLOR! Anywhere, anyway!

Abby got her own coloring corner! Fun fun!

Happy 2nd Birthday Rylee!

Happy 1st Birthday Jared!

January 2010


Happy New Year! While on Winter Break from school we spent the afternoon shopping and enjoying the cozy warm mall!

1/17/10We had a blast playing in the snow then enjoying a warm cup of coco!

1/25/10Our little Michelangelo! We had to much fun with her color play house!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tas the night before Christmas...

12/24/09 & Christmas Morning!!!

when all through the house, was filled with the yummy smell of fresh baked cookies and the giggles of little Abby!

At the age of 1 and 1/2, Abby has her first obsession, Barney! So we new exactly what she would go nuts over..her very own Barney! But only if we knew....that our little Barney physic would be able to sense out her doll from under the tree the day before! Sadly we all missed her reaction the minute she saw Barney! But I re-wrapped it and surprised her and Brent with Barney and a Wii in the same box!!

Christmas Eve Traditions


For as long as I can remember, spending Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Abreu is a given! I am so grateful Abby gets to experience this joyous and memorable tradition with us! Nothing is sweeter then listening to Grandpa read the passage of Christ's birth and truly get to feel the meaning of Christmas! And there was NO fighting over who got to lay baby Jesus in his manger, Abby did a beautiful job with the "bebe".
Merry Christmas everyone!

Early Christmas!!


We knew we wouldn't be home on Christmas morning, so Abby got to open her big gift early! Abby is such a little artist and has enjoyed coloring since she could hold a crayon! This was such a perfect gift and we certainly got the full $10 we paid for it! Many, many hours of fun, laughter and coloring!
Oh you can also notice Abby's new-doo in the pictures! We went in for a trim but the lady ended up chopping much more off! Good thing Abby looked adorable and no complaints!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Christmas Cantata and Christmas at the Payne's!

It's such a joy to being new traditions with new family! Each year we get to enjoy watching Uncle Dave preform and sing in the Baptist Church Christmas Cantata! We also make a trip to Lawson, MO to celebrate and catch up with the Payne gang. I am so thankful for the wonderful family that have accepted Abby and myself with open arms and great memories! Another great celebration and can't wait until Christmas 2010!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Light Night

11/28/09Annual Light Night! Abs had so much fun hanging out in Marilyn's shop and watching the parade. She thought it was so great picking up candy off the road and putting it in a sack! And this year she even waited in line to sit on Santa's lap! I have a short video of Abby sitting on his lap, but I won't post it because for the whole 20 seconds she is just screaming!


Abby was such a hoot during Thanksgiving dinner! Not only did she mooch off everyone's plate, for some silly reason she thought she needed to lean down to her plate to eat her yummy turkey!
I am so thankful for another happy and healthy year with family and friends! It is such a joy to watch Abby grow and become a person of her own!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

New Moon!


When the Twilight craze hit I could not understand what was so amazing about VAMPIRES?! Seriously, vampires?! I swore to myself that I would not read the books/watch the movie. How dumb..VAMPIRES?! I would never be a Wannabe Mrs. Edward Cullen/Jacob Black. Umm gag! Until, one night Brent's sister, Winter, went to Wal-Mart with us and was struck with shock when I told her I had not read/seen Twilight (at this point, all the books had been published and Twilight was all ready on DVD). Winter quickly snagged the Twilight DVD and demand I watch it. So after Brent and I put Abby down for the night we plopped in the DVD and...BAM! Just like that I was a twi-hard, Edward loving, OBSESSED, Twilight fan. Within the next two weeks I had read the entire Saga and began my New Moon count down movie release plus reading the complete Saga another 2 times while waiting! So here I am with my friend Brooke, waiting for the midnight showing of New Moon!
Red Lobster + Twilight showing + NEW MOON = Perfect and much needed girls night out!
A-MAZ-ING!!! June 30th I come!

Boys & Quads

Abby and Mason are just about a month and a half apart and just too cute together! At first they weren't to sure about each other, but the quickly warmed up and before we knew it they were giving each other rides on Abby's Barbie quad! Mason preferred to drive and Abby loved being the passenger! Can't wait for Mason to visit again!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


10/24/09 & 10/31/09

And here she is...........pretty as a peacock, wouldn't you say!
And maybe our future pro-peacock-golfer!

Happy 1st Birthday Kayne!


Happy Birthday Buddy! He is such a doll and the sweetest thing ever! Kayne and Abby had a ball with the balloons and giving each other hugs all evening!

Meme Time

10/8/09Melissa (Meme) kept Abby for an afternoon and had to much fun playing outside and taken pictures! She loved getting dirty and messy, something I don't let happen often! But she had a last and is so lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt! Thanks sis!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!


This was an...experience! Abby wasn't to sure about the whole gooey mess but had fun screaming and stretching about it! Rylee on the other had was way into it! It was so funny watching them and their reactions to the pumpkin and goo!


9/30/09 & 10/2/09

Melissa was a candidate for Homecoming queen! We really enjoyed watching the skits at the Variety Show and of course Mel was so beautiful!That following Friday was the Homecoming Parade and football game!

KC Zoo

This is where a post about out trip to the KC Zoo is supposed to go but my pictures from the Zoo are on my desktop which is unplugged and put away. So for now here is another video for our Zoo day!


Too sweet for words!