Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Last night...

I just can't believe it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Family Pictures

It's great having a mom who takes FABULOUS pictures! She is so good at what she does..SEE! :)
(Mom took the pictures, I just edited them)

Brent is a HUGE Chiefs Fan even though they aren't having the greatest season.

My sisters and Abby!
Left to right-Aunt Christy, Aunt Melissa, Me!

Abby and Santa *cough-Daddy-cough*

Christy picked out her Christmas tutu!

Tutu again!

I am IN LOVE with this picture!

I lve her to pieces!

Light Night

In the little town of Albany, it's tradition that on the Friday night after Thanksgiving they light up the square and have a Christmas Parade with Santa and all! It was too cold to stand outside so Abby and I stayed warm inside Marilyn's flower shop (a friend of mom's). She likes spoiling Abby. Notice the singing stuffed Christmas dog and the yummy blue sucker!

Yum! She likes it!

Monday, December 8, 2008


..for the Blog over load. But there's MORE coming!!!

(That is, when I DO blog) ;)
Eleven (11!) New posts below! Down, down, down!
Two (2!) Above! ^^

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Turkey Day

It was so nice to have a break from school and Brent a break from work, but it all went WAY TO FAST! Like last year we had to attend 2 Thanksgivings, but that was okay with us! For lunch we ate with Brent's side of the family and it was great because I got to meet some family that I've only got to hear about until now! It was a lot of fun and Abby was such a great sport with the big crowd!

Abby with her "cousin" Kris.

After lunch, waiting on dinner at mom's house.

Our second Thanksgiving meal was at mom's. It was yummy too! It was nice to have a somewhat "large" family Thanksgiving dinner again. Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Eric, Jolene, Angel, Christy, Brent, Me, Abby.

6 Months Old!

Our Abby is 6 months old! It's so crazy to think that she has been here with us for half a year. She's absolutely the best. She is an amazing little piece of perfect. She is so much fun and it seems as if she is learning something new everyday! She is such a hands on little girl and loves to touch everything, her hair, ears, belly, toes, feet and everything in arms reach. She loves tummy time and her play mat and playing on the carpet and doing her mini push ups, and she is even to a point where she will get on her hands and knees for a couple seconds. And she also sits unassisted pretty much too! It is such a joy to get to experience all these new discoveries with her. She is such a great eater too! She gobbles down each meal with a smile on her face weather its green beans or pears, she loves them all. I just love her soo soo much!

6 month stats: 16 lb 4 oz and 26 3/4 in long!

OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree..

We just couldn't wait! We put our Christmas tree up even before Thanksgiving. It's fake but it still was so much fun to get to pick out our first tree together as a family!
Abby even wanted to help! :)

Nov. 21

First Tooth

We knew Abby has been teething for a while now and we were just counting the days until the darn thing popped through, and it finally did. On Wednesday, November 19th I had a night class so I asked one of my friends, Jakki, a freshman at Northwest also, to watch Abby, she said yes of course so I took Abby to her dorm room, told Jakki if she needed anything to text me. About an hour into class I get a text from her saying she is just a tad fussy and is taking a nap, then 20 minutes later she texts me again saying she won't calm down. So I pack my things and head to her dorm, as always the minute I take Abby into my arms she's fine :) then Abby takes my hand to chew on, then OUCH she has a pokey tooth on her bottom gum! That explained everything, but poor least it will be a fun memory to always be able to tell!
I haven't been able to snap a picture of her new tooth but here is one before I left for class.

Bath Time and Sippy Cups

Abby loves bath time, she loves to splash her chew on her bath toys!
Abby was purposely being a goober and wouldn't look at the camera!

Abby's doctor suggested we introduce her to a sippy cup and she loves it! She took to it so well.
This picture was taken by a wonderful photographer, her cousin Angel. (She loves my camera.)

Our Pre-Thanksgiving

Brent's grandma Betty had some family up the first of November so we went over for dinner and it was a preview of Thanksgiving! It was yummy!

Abby playing with her "Uncle" Dave.

Happy Halloween!

For Abby's 5 month portraits we decided to do them in her Halloween costume. She was our little Lamb Chop.

Even though Brent had to work that night, we still had a lot of fun with our Lamb Chop and showing her off to family!

5 months!

On Oct. 23rd Abby was 5 months! I know I'm late on this but I had to post pictures! So much happened in her 5th month here with us. She tried her first foods, she discovered her toes, helped decorate for her first Halloween, and rolling everywhere! Abby is just so amazing, she makes everyday a great day and is such a wonderful and happy baby. Every time I look at her, I fall in love all over again. She is my world and I could never imagine her not here with us!

Daddy and Abby.

This was daddy's fault!
(This wasn't her first food but this was her first time eating carrots, and this is what I came home to one after noon from class. Brent had left her carrots on her tray while he went to the restroom and within a couple seconds, BAM, carrots are everywhere and Abby painting a carrot master piece!) She had so much fun!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Shower and Birthdays

Abby and I got to go to a baby shower for a friend, Devon, and it was a lot of fun! It was great to see her and all my other friends since leaving for college! I made her a diaper was so much fun, they are my new favorite thing to do!

Devon-she is a cute prego!

The diaper cake I made! This was only the second one I've ever made and definately my favorite!

Baby Kayne Lee was born Oct. 30th and was 8lb 9oz. It was so weird to hold a new new baby!

After the baby shower was Kenlyn's 4th Birthday Party! I use to babysit Kenlyn when she was a little baby, then Melissa took over the job and Kenlyn just adores "Meme."

Here is Kenlyn holding Abby in Kenlyn's closet watching a barbie movie she got for her birthday. Kenlyn likes to pretend Abby is her baby sister, its super cute!

Bebe Pod and Jumperoo!

We got the Bebe Pod as a baby shower gift -(thanks Emma and family!) and Abby just loves it! She has been sitting in it since she was a little over 3 months and she just has a ball in it.

Oct. 10

Aw the Jumperoo! All we have to say is "Abby, jump-a-jump-a-JUMP" and she goes crazy. It's so fun to watch her in it.

My 2 Favorite Bearcats!

I'm going to do a lot of time traveling because I am one of the worst bloggers known to Blogspot!

Oct. 9 2008

My 2 Bearcats...Gosh I love them to pieces!