Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Party Day!

We celebrated Abby's birthday last Saturday at mom's and it was so much fun! It was great having all the people that love and care about Abby at the same place on such a special day! We had an awesome cook out! (Thanks Nana M. and Grandma S. for doing all the cooking!) I just stuck with the baking.
Abby's birthday cake, smash cake and cookie favors I made!
Friends, family, food and trampoline FUN!
Opening gifts, eating cake and playing!

12 months past.

Late Friday night May 2, 2008 (35 wk) I had a lot of bright red bleeding so I went to the hospital. They immediately hooked me up to the monitors and did an ultrasound. Come to find out part of my placenta has torn and separated. They kept me in the hospital for the next five days and was released May 8 on modified bed rest. May 14 I start to lightly spot again so I went back to the hospital. May 15 I had another ultrasound done to look for a safe amniotic sac for the amniotesis. But no luck finding a amniotic sac. But I had to stay in the hospital until the spotting stopped, which it never did. My doctor talked to me about inducing me around 38 wks since that was a safe point at my pregnancy to deliver. So on May 22 around 6:30pm they inserted the cervidil so hopefully begin to thin me out and get my body ready for the pitocin the next morning. The cervidil was definitely doing something because I was cramping and contracting all through the night and the pain meds they were giving me just made me extremely sleepy and sick, very sick! The next morning, May 23 they started the pitocin around 6:30 and was only dilated at about 1/2 cm. But by about 10am I was at a 4 and able to get my epi. Getting the epi wasn't bad at all, but the effects the epi had on my body was horrible! I got so so sick! I slept the entire time and had absolutely no energy. By 3pm I was fully dilated and ready to push, though I was not ready to push! The epi had worn me out and I felt as if I had weights tied to every limb of my body. It was a yucky feeling. I pushed for about an hour and a half then the doctor tried to suction out the baby. He tried it 3 times with no luck, and the baby's heart rate dropped I was sent for an emergency c-section, but I was ready for it. I had nothing in me to push anymore. Ugh, my delivery nurse did not handle this emergency situation very well at all! She panicked! As they were rolling me down to OR my IVs were pulling everywhere and the bottom half of the bed was falling off and hitting me right in the crotch, OUCH! Then Brent was waiting in the hall as the got me ready for surgery and he almost missed the delivery because the nurse forgot to go get him! In the end all the chaos and craziness was worth it because at 5:00pm we welcomed our beautiful and healthy baby girl into this world!
Abrielle Jean Owens
May 23, 2008
7lb 6oz 19in.


Well turned one!
I can't believe how fast this past year as flown by!
Abby, Where I live is in your heart by. Spring has come again bringing green grass and blue skies. I feel like my life can't get much better than now. To look in your big beautiful eyes and see such hope and love. I see my future in you as your mother. I cry with the overwhelming love I feel for you. My heart feels close to bursting each time I see you. I wake up knowing no matter how bad the night before that I will get to see your smile.Each day with you is a gift. A gift I never thought I needed or would ever know, but that I'm so very grateful to have. I never could have imagined how out of breath with love and happiness I could be. You're one now and I cry to see you so beautifully growing older and into your own self. Not much else matter this day but that I'm blessed to spend it with you. I love you my little girl and Happy Birthday. Oh and thank you for choosing me.
I love you!