Wednesday, February 25, 2009

9 Months!

I can't believe our Abby is 9 months old! I just love this little person sooo much! She is the greatest! We love her so so very much!
It was supposed to be nice Monday and Tuesday so we were going to take Abby to the park on the 23rd (Tues.). But like normal MO weather it changed and it was COLD! But today was extremely nice and Abby absolutely loved the park and getting to swing for the first time!

Pucker Up!

Abby loves to give kisses. We have been using the sign kiss and as far as we can tell she knows what it means!


Yaaaaaaay Abby!

Abby loves to clap!

Yay Abby!

Congrats Faith & Ben!

Faith and Ben got married on Valentine's Day! It was a beautiful and perfect ceremony!
The reception was so much fun and it was great to get to meet more people from Brent's family.
It was a long ride over to the church...
Like father...
Like daughter. They were both zonked within minutes of the drive!Auntie Linda.The beautiful couple! Congrats! Congrats!Abby and DaddyKrissy, Ryan, Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave.
This young and gorgeous couple's wedding date is creeping up fast!The boys just loved Abby at the recption. There were 3 of them that couldn't get enough of her!Us!And we finally made it back to Grandma Son's. Abby is a goober and loves to play with Brent's old wrestlers!

It's February?!?

Feb. 10
Are you serious?! It was such a nice and NEEDED day!

Teething Pain...

Popsicle Pops fix the pain!
I was eating a Popsicle and Abby kept begging for some so when I was half way finished with it I plopped her in her highchair and she went to town on the rest.