Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Abby is Here!

Abby's First Visitors

Nana Sonya

Nana Meg

Grandpa Hal & Nana Sonya

Poppa Kevin

Great Grandma Payne

Auntie Christy

Great Grandma & Grandpa Abreu

Auntie Melissa

Great Aunt Susan

Auntie Winter

Chris (Brent's Cousin)

Cousin Stacy

Auntie Melissa


Nana Meg here...Just to let everyone know that Tory and Abby are home and doing really well. Abby is the most peaceful baby... perfect sure fits her!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Visitors before the BIG Day!

We've had many visitors the past couple days. Even some little ones. It most definitely makes time go by a lot faster, considering it's already Wednesday night!!! Every night (most every night) Brent's older sister Winter stops by to check up on us and to chat for a little while. She works at this hospital so she's our inside person and gets all the answers to all of our questions! She's GREAT! Sunday Grandma and Grandpa Abreu stopped by to wish me a Happy Graduation but they couldn't stay long because they were on their way to Kansas City. Then yesterday an old neighbor, Courtney, stopped by with her 10 week old little girl Rylee! Rylee is such a doll and Brent was just in awe with her. (Rylee was a preemie and is still real little.) Then today while Brent was helping mom get moved into her new house a new friend of mine, Brooke, came over with her little boy, Qody. He is a little chunker! He is nine months and already a whopping 25 lbs, but still cute as a button! Then a little bit later my best friend Melissa stopped by with her mom. She keeps us updated on all the drama we are missing out on even though I definitely don't miss the drama!!! We both enjoy the company because there is not much to do to occupy your time while stuck in the hospital!

Brent and Rylee!
Mister Qody!

Friday, May 16, 2008

In the hospital....AGAIN!

Ugh...I'm once again stuck in the hospital! But wonderful Brent hasn't left my side. I'm not sure how much longer I will be in here, could be 2 more days or until they induce me on the 22nd of May. Being here isn't to bad, the nurses are all very nice and so caring and I have one more OBGYN to meet and I will have met them ALL. Mom also let us use her laptop which has been a lifesaver for me since I'm addicted to BabyCenter.com! And now BlogSpot...Brent MADE me finish setting up our profile!
I'm finally off the monitors so I will get a full nights sleep!

This is for my last hospital stay. Brent gets very very bored!