Friday, February 18, 2011

August- CocoKeys, Zoo, Yankees!

We did a bunch of fun things in August! First we went to CocoKeys water resort. It was a blast! To bad my waterproof disposable camera is still waiting to be developed or I would have the water resort pictures up! But Abby loved the arcade just as much! (7/31/10)

The next day we headed to the Omaha Zoo! Such a fabulous zoo for the Midwest! Abby Ooo'd and Awww'd at all the animals! The giraffes were her favorite, thanks Meme! Such a fun age! (8/1/10)

Brent. is. a. Yankees. fan. So when Kansas City hosted the Yankees Brent made sure it was a family event. Hot. But fun! We love hanging out with Aunt Winny, Uncle Steve, Gaga, Hal and Landon! Such a fun afternoon! But funny that I don't even remember who won! (8/14/10)


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