Friday, February 18, 2011


Angel and Ken Grove are super important people in our lives.
#1- Ken was my middle school science teacher
#2- They were our neighbors (until we moved)
#3- They are our friends
#4- I was their daughters, Kenlyn's, first full-time sitter! Such a sweet girl!
#5- Kenlyn was thought to be Ken and Angel's only child, and they were okay with that!
#6- Even with a 4 year age gap, Kenlyn and Abby are best of buds!
#7- They took Mel under their wing, they are like a second family to us!
#8- Surprise! Angel's ENT (ears, nose, & throat) Doctor surprised Angel with forever changing news...she is PREGNANT! Funny huh!?

So for a surprise baby, we thought a surprise shower was necessary!

The goods!
Thanks Mom for all your crafty help and tasty snacks!!!!!


Edited to add a picture of Big Sis Kenlyn and surprise baby Dyson!